Into the blackness, I stare,
Into the darkness, I stare,
Only to see a light of hope
Only to see a light of home

I just wanna be back:
I just wanna be back home once more
But I am lost in my way
And I’m losing my hope

I see nothing ahead,
I see nothing behind,
I don’t see a path that leads
Leads me back to my home

I have now come far away
Far, far away from my home
I look all around me
But not a single familiar sight I see

I now see paths ahead of me,
Paths ahead of me diverged in directions different
I stand there and see as far as one’s eyes can see
But none I see diverges and leads
My pitiful soul back to my home

I don’t want the vanity,
I am about to lose my sanity,
I can no more distinguish the reality
I just wish to be home again
Back to my gravity.

I don’t want to be here anymore,
I wish to travel back on my steps
And return myself back to my home
Back to my home is where I belong

I then suddenly feel a jerk
It felt like my world falling apart
It felt as if the ground was taken away
It felt as if the end of the day

A jerk then again,
hit my head hard
a gush of cold wind
and my heartbeats rise

And then a sound I heard,
A some sweet angel call my name

“It’s time”; “it’s time”, the sweet voice said
Is it time for me to be back home?
“It’s time”; “it’s time”, once more it said

I felt a shiver go down my spine
But then a soft hand on my head I felt
A sweet kiss on my cheek
Another a sweet word on my ears fell:
“Wake up honey, it’s time for you”

So I opened my eyes being brave
Trying to be strong
To face my fate
And I saw a sight:
I was home again
Alas! I was back to my home again.

Home is always a special place to be. It’s a place of comfort and peace. It’s better than all the luxurious hotels and resorts of the world. No matter how big or small it may be, it’s always a beautiful place to confine in, A beautiful place to be. Home is like a small heaven in itself.

After traveling all the places, returning back home : the place where I started from, is always a pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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