Red Ink

Red Ink

Her project was incomplete, so she decided to pull an all nighter, but @2100 hours, her pen deceived her. It was the last one she’d stocked. With no other option, she decided to go to the shop down the street. This worried her friends; it was dark outside and none had ever dared to step after the sun had set. But getting suspended from school and then owning an explanation to her parents scared her more, than the darkness and the monsters that hunt for their prey in that dark.

Her friends prayed for her safety while she was gone, and made her promise to be back in 5 mins.

At 21:04, their hearts raced, she hadn’t returned yet. With the emergency number ready to dial, they waited for the longest minute to pass.

21:04:48 now, and she still hadn’t come. And as the seconds’ hand was passing from 11 to 12, a doorbell rang, and they rushed to find the creature that had left 5 mins ago, in relief they hugged.

However, one of her friends noticed that the red ink was leaking from the pen. “Nevermind” the latter replied, “I’ll manage”. And she went to her room to complete her work, with a pen dripping red ink.

Then one of the friends mentioned, “Wasn’t she needing a blue pen?, The teacher doesn’t permit the use of red ink. So why’d she get one?”

It took a minute, and then the other bent down to see and touch and then realise that the red ink was unnaturally thick and highly pigmented with a salty taste.

So what was the red ink was?
Still the main question is; how do you think it got there?
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Creativity lurks_Thanks for reading 🙂

–Nabeeha Shaikh