I am happy
And I want to be
At all times
Smiling with glee.

Don’t wanna be judged
By other’s eyes
I just wanna laugh and smile

Gliding through my way like an eagle,
Flying high and soaring above,
Flying high with freedom in wings
And flying high with a lot of speed

But, still stopping at times
And having fun in between
To enjoy this beautiful thing
That people call “life”

Taking time to appreciate nature,
Taking time to smell some roses,
Taking time to write some poetry,
Taking time to do things I like

Don’t wanna be around people, important,
Wanna be with people that love and care
People who see the good in me
People like my friends and family

I wanna find the reason to be born
Find my purpose and serve it well
Wanna do things that I love
Without being judged or weighed

Criticisms and Quarrels I don’t want any
More like admiration and affection 
And love and peace

Don’t want likes,
But just wanna put out the word
As memoirs of me
When I leave this earth

Just some silly things of me:
Are I like humour and poetry 
And like to store tissue papers
With some notes written on it
I do graffiti on my books 
And daydream to be lost
Love the smell of petrol
And reading things like Othello

Ambition and resourcefulness, my most prized traits
And my brother, my most favrouite person 
I like to play video-games
And like to put my hair in plaits

Yes, life goes at a fast pace,
And time stops for none
But I wanna take time out to appreciate 
Because who knows, if next moment,
I’d still be here to do the same

I wanna make my own name in the world
A name that later shall be remembered 
Wanna change the world for others
Even if it’s few
Then the purpose will be served

At the end of the long day
I just want to be able to say:
I am happy
And I want to be
At all times 
Smiling with glee.

Be happy and always take time out to smile, because you never know, if you will have another moment to.

This poem I just can’t sum up into a brief summary, because it just says a lot on my behalf. But, one thing I can surely say that at the end of the day, all of us want to be happy, right? Just as said by the legendary Shah Rukh Khan :

Aur aaj is baat ka bhi yakeen ho gaya ki humari filmon ki tarah, humari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch theek hi ho jaata hai. Happys Ending! Aur agar theek naa ho to woh ‘The End’ nahi . Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!. Picture abhi baaki hai.

Movie : Om Shanti Om; Dir. : Farah Khan; Perf. : Shahrukh khan

Translating the above quote in English would mean:
And today I am convinced that like our films even in our lives all’s well that ends well and if something does not end well, it implies that the best is yet to come until Happy Endings.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂