How worry-less the man sleeps
How carefree he snores;
Not promised a tomorrow,
Yet, in peace he snorts.

Doesn’t bother for what is meant for tomorrow,
He is filled with the words of today;
This man is lost and twined deep,
In today’s worldly wishes.

Sometimes he sleeps content,
Sometimes he sleeps grumpy,
However in the moment he sleeps,
He forgets all his worries…

Written at midnight,
when I couldn’t sleep tight
Cause of all the nightmares
from when I could sleep..

I wrote this poem on 13th October @02:14 am, when even in the darkness, I couldn’t shut my eyes and have some peace. When all my worries surrounded me and I felt helpless. When I was scared, even to sleep, because I didn’t want nightmares; and so the only solution I’d found was to stay awake through the entire night (Although I did doze off later on 😅😴😪)

Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

The light

The birth of the day
After the death of night
The conquering of light
Over the darkest times

I see the sun rise
And I see it shine
I see it take over dark,
I see it light everything in its path.

It has lit all around me
With its glimmering light
Wish it could light me too
But I guess I’ve gone too dark;
Too dark even for majestic king,
the sun to light

At times I sit, in my dark pit,
I sit there and I think
Will I ever be able to light in this world?
Or will my darkness be gone
Only after consuming my life?

They say “A new spring follows every winter”
They say “A new day comes after every dark night”
But it feels like I am trapped in the south pole
Where winter last for all eternity;
And it feels like I am stuck in an endless night
And there’s no escape.

I fell vulnerable;
And I am desperate,
Desperate to see the light, light my way
So I can see a new day
And smell a new spring

I wanna escape,
but I feel like a prisoner;
I wanna fly,
but my wings have been cut;
I wanna run,
but my legs are tied;
I wanna scream,
but my throat is dry;

It’s getting hard in here to breathe
And I can’t even properly think
I am suffocating;
But I don’t wanna lose
cause I wanna prove:
that I am not a “coward”

I wanna rise from my pit
And breathe deep and speak
I wanna rest and I wanna sleep
Away from the hassle,
I wanna live in peace
Don’t want my mind to be disturbed,
Don’t wanna see nightmares anymore
or cry for hours and hours more.

I just wanna be free
Free of everything that’s killing me
And I wanna get rid of the voice within
and speak for myself
and be free

So I’m gonna try and try
and not give up,
until the victory is mine

So that one day,
I can scream: “I Win, I Win”
to all the voices that said in my head
that “I’d lose”

Sometimes, the biggest fights we fight are with none other than ourselves and the voices in our head.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


does it help you ease the pain,
or does it all go in vain,
Is it because of some guilt?
Or is it for asking forgiveness for a sin

Do you cry wide in the public’s eye?
Or cry in the darkness of your hide?
Do tears come by frequently and more,
Or are you now learning to ignore?

If you cry today,
then does happy seem far away,
Do you let your wall’s soak up ur tears?
Or do have a shoulder to lie on?

Does it bother you that tears come
Or do you feel like pain’s gone
Does crying humble you
Or does it make you furious and in rage

Does it feel like a weight-lifted,
Or does it feel like burdens piled
How do you treat tears?
Do you take them with smile
Or are you fearful, of when you’ll next cry.

Crying, defined as the shedding of tears accompanied with sad noises, is usually an indication of pain or sadness or suffering, although at times one’s tears may also be called as happy tears, where it becomes an expression of pleasure and delight.
But what’s interesting about crying is that it is not what it always appears. The advanced man has now acquired and perfected the skill of crying, hence, one’s tears can not always be trusted, neither can one’s smiles. Because a person maybe happy on the outside but her cries might be hidden under the wide smiles or perhaps vice-versa.

She cries in pain,
Tears roll down her cheeks
She feels hurt, and gets thoughts negative
Oh how will she escape this terrible feel?

So what do you think about crying?

Hope you liked it, Until next time 🙂

Impulsive Anger

The anger is like the wild fire

Impulsive anger
Immediate destruction
thorns on a rose
silverware on the floor

Glass shards shattered
Red liquid on the ground
Authorities and Priorities
Men out of mind

Then there’s guilt and grief
Immediate destruction by
Impulsive anger

Anger can be quite dangerous and has the potential to transform you into something you didn’t know existed. This is my take on anger.

Whenever I am angry, I sort of forget all my morals and say things that I would’ve not said in my right state. This is also one of the reasons why my own anger scares me.

I personally have a long way to go control my anger. I do try, but however almost always the realisation always kicks in after the damage has been done……after the glass has been shattered.

How well do you take your anger?

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 Until next time

Going back into the days

Inspiration Image

Known the earth
and walked it’s path;
Now it’s time to go afar,
See the new lands to explore
Somewhere very far from home.

Put on seatbelts and a suit,
Packed in a jet, take off to the moon.
Travel far into the multiverse,
Travel far out of my universe.

Make friends with an alien mate,
Go back in time to change my fate
Find a black hole,
Ace the speed of light;
Travel back to a dark night.

Turn back time, a couple weeks before,
when one decision changed it all;
The decision that cause my fall.

No regrets, just reverse and rewind
Back to the life I’d left behind….

Hey, there!
I haven’t really posted much recently. This is mainly due to the fact that lately I’ve not been feeling to write much, because lately I’ve been overthinking a lot on the mistakes that I’ve done, mistakes that the “silly me” has done. Like once a 10-11 year old me lied to my teacher that I’d forgot my book because I was out last night. These silly mistakes now make me have guilt and regrets. This is also something that you’ll see I’ve reflected on in this poem. So, hope you enjoyed reading!

This is also my first collab with a very dear friend of mine, also a great thinker and versatile writer, Devangi. Devangi is like my friend, philosopher and guide, and the best part is that we both enjoy writing. This poem is first of the four activities we’ve planned, in which we’ve both written something inspired by the pics we sent each other. So now you know the where the Inspiration photo comes from. Do also check what Devangi has written inspired by the pics I’ve sent her. And also check out her blogging site, where she uploads poems, articles and many more.

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Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

Are you ready to face?

Have you always done right?
Or is there something to confess tonight?
Can you sleep peacefully?
Or does a thought bother you mercilessly?

Is there still something to tell?
Or has all been said?
Are you ready to face?
What you have done?
Or do you leave it all on fate?

Would your heart feel light,
if a weight gets lifted?
Or are you free of all worries?
And if you are,
Are you ready to face?

The consequences and confrontations,
Do they scare you equally as much?
Or are you brave to face your fate?
To accept what has been done,
And try to change so that you’ll be able to face.

Hey, this poem, well call it an apology, a confession, a thought, a confrontation or whatever suits.

In life, we’ve all done things that we weren’t supposed to. and no!, by this i don’t mean any big things. It could be small mistakes or small actions that we don’t even consider as mistakes. I’ve personally done things as such. But have gotten this thought only recently:

If it’s not a mistake, then am I ready to face it?

And for some reason my ‘Yes’ did stutter, and I knew the answer. So this going out as an apology letter to my parents as well as a thought to you, whosoever reads, “Have you done anything that you are not ready to face?”

Also, I sincerely wish you, All the best, so that one day you’ll be able to face. This can only be done by changing your ways, so that you’ll be able to face your fate.

Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂 Until next time when my brain questions me!


She wanders and stares from time to time,
At the far end of the night sky
Gazing up at the beautiful orb,
Which is dazzling in its shiny silvery light

She stares into the orb
Without looking away
And its beauty gives her eyes the peace and calmness they so longed

She stares into the night sky which looks like a painting so black,
Yet dazzles with light so much,
A beautiful orb on the right-hand corner,
Decorated with some much smaller particles that glitter

Tonight shall return once more after a few couple years
And she hopes to return back and stare

She wishes to stare today and forever
At the night sky, with its moon, stars and more;
She finds beauty in it
And wishes to confine in it

The moon indeed is such a wonder,
With its so many flaws and so many dentures
Yet looking so beautiful and pretty
Like a fair maiden in the night sky.

Oh, she wishes to be just like the moon,
She wishes to shine and glitter and glimmer in the night sky,
With all her pimple scars and cellulose marks,
She wishes to flaunt and shine through them

A beauty that can’t be exchanged for,
A beauty that can never be bought,
A beauty that shines within,
A beauty so fair and true.

The beauty of the moon, the stars and the black night sky
Along with the silent noise
Feels so calming and so nice
That she wishes for this moment to freeze
And last for all eternity.

In some moments but; this will be all gone
When the beautiful orb shall set and be lost,
And the glimmering particles shall be no more visible
When the night will confine into the day
And the noise shall take over the silence

And all eyes shall be awake then,
When all eyes shall be open to judge
but those eyes haven’t seen the beauty-
the beauty of being flawed;
the beauty that she and her eyes have seen
the true beauty, so fair and ever

Last night will return once more after a few couple years
And she hopes to return back and stare
Stare at the beautiful black night
With its flawed moon and glimmering stars.

Happy Blue Moon everyone!! 🙂

Staring at the moon and just gazing at it endlessly is one of my favorite things to do in the world, it always gave me a lot of peace and pleasure.
And, whilst growing and maturing with the moon, I couldn’t help but notice all the craters and holes it had, all the marks and spots on its surface. Yet however, no matter how many holes and spots and imperfections I saw on the moon, it would never really affect me in any way, I would still see it as a ‘Wonder of God’. Its value for me never decreased with its imperfections, rather, the moon now appeared to me more beautiful than ever before. I saw the moon shine through its imperfections.

A mere human tendency is to look “perfect”. Especially in our teenage years when insecurities kick in along with some uninvited pimples and acne, we try all ways from turmeric paste to rice water and what not to hide them and to get rid of every trace of their existence, but rather; can we not learn from the moon? Can we not shine through our marks and scars? Can we not be beautiful despite our imperfections?

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 Until next time 🙂

Home II

Enroute late night
And I am lost;
But in the darkness
I see a way

Oh yes it was fun,
But now it’s time
For me to be back
And on my way

So I am now heading the way,
I only knew at the time
To go to the place
I call my home

It is my destiny and my refugee,
It is my heaven and my dwelling
It’s where I go back to when I am lost

Now I am tired
And I wanna mend
All of that’s
Broken inside of me
And I just wanna go to the place I call my home

I know it’s a bit small
But it’s big enough
Maybe a bit messy
But that’s okay

I’ve been to places,
And beautiful and grand palaces
I’ve been to hotels
As well as stayed in motels

But none fit quite as right
As right as my own sweet home
It doesn’t have the best smell,
But has a quite comforting fragrance

I can see the paint come off
And I can see the naked walls
Yes the curtains are a bit crusty
And the door handles have been rusty

It now feels like a piece,
A unique artist’s piece

Now I’m becoming restless
Maybe I just need some rest.

Just now swerved to right,
And I can see some street lights
Now I feel like running away
But I just wanna run along
to my destiny;
to My home.

Yet another poem on home, because Home indeed is a most special place.

This is yet another one of my favourites, because this poem has my thoughts and words, just as they flowed in my mind, not much edited, but still beautiful. It’s good to express things sometimes without any alterations especially when about such a thing as the HOME’.

Hope you enjoyed it! See ya soon 🙂

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Inside of me

Inside of me:

There are things that I’d like to say
And things that I’d like to express;
But I don’t see a way
And so I simply supress

I have freedom of speech
But is my voice being heard?
I feel all words fall out of reach
And nothing comforts my fears.

I feel like starting a war,
But I am not even at peace with myself
I feel I am being misunderstood
But even I, myself am unable to comprehend

Too many things and too many thoughts
So many that now it’s only chaos
Which shall I say first;
And which shall I believe to be true?

My questions unanswered,
They get supressed inside of me
And I carry them every morning
I carry them forever on me.

According to Wikipedia, an internal conflict is the struggle occurring within a character’s mind.

In life we all are fighting our own battles, but there are some battles we are afraid to speak of, because of the fear of being called a coward or simply because we feel that no one around will understand us. So what do we do? We simply ‘supress’ these emotions, thoughts, questions and many more, which we all know that one day will surely overflow.

I’ve written this short poem inspired by such an incident. But I am certain that we all must’ve felt this way at some point in life and it’s okay. We’re humans and we make mistakes and wrong judgements- no shame. Just accept and express them and all will be okay. Find answers to your unanswered questions but not on google rather in the conversation of another fellow being. It could be anyone: your family, friends, teachers, well-wishers, comrades. But speak and get them answered. Express and be heard. Be a phoenix and rise from the ashes. Rise from the mistakes of your past self to shine in your present one.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time 🙂

Lockdown lessons

Hey there everyone!

Reading the title, you must’ve already guessed today’s topic; yes, it’s “Lockdown Lessons”. So by now we’ve all been in lockdown for quite sometime……actually quite a long time to be honest. So let’s see what this episode has taught us.

I’d say the first thing that most of us learnt from lockdown was the word meaning of the word “lockdown” itself and “quarantine”. And be it whatever age we all used these words extensively especially in the initial times to enhance our vocabulary and to sound learned.

And it’s not only english that we’ve learnt, besides english, we also learnt a lot in science especially biology. We’ve learnt what viruses are, what vaccines are and how do they work, we’ve learnt about our immunity system and we’ve also learnt about the ‘chemical composition of a hand sanitizer’ and what not.

Other than these, I’m sure we all have tried acquiring some new skill or talent during the lockdown be it cooking, cleaning, washing utensils etc.

I personally had started learning calligraphy and knitting but then there were just too many dishes to wash in the house so I kinda fell out of practise.

Okay so now let’s take a look at some really important life lessons that lockdown has taught us.
And when I think about this, the first thing that comes to my mind is “THE UNCERTAINITY OF LIFE”. This lockdown has taught us really how uncertain life is : A person is there this moment, doesn’t know what’s gonna happen in the next one.
And no! I don’t mean this in a negative way.

It’s human mind’s nature to make plans for the future and whilst I think think that creating a secure future is an intelligent move, I’d say that along this we must also learn to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.
And no, by living in the moment, I don’t mean to go on that travelling trip that you’ve been always wanting to go on or do every challenging thing that you’ve been wanting to do- NO!

By living in the moment, I mean to CHERISH THE MOMENT and BEING GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL for it

  • Being thankful for waking up today
  • Being thankful that you have food on your plate
  • Being thankful for being around the people you love
  • Being thankful that you are healthy and safe and for everything else

So that is another lesson lockdown has taught us : Being in the moment and cherishing it, by being grateful and thankful and spending it with your loved ones; your family and friends, your near and dear. Especially with your elders and taking good care of them. Do something simple everyday so that you can bring a smile on their face and I’m sure you’ll thank me later

So that’s it for the day. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day ahead. Get vaccinated if you can. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay Blessed

Until next time!