All things shape you;

A picture from 2021

Another a new year has passed and another a new year has come.

All things shape you: A poem

All things good and bad,
all encounters small and big,
all people strangers and family,
all days long and short,
all memories happy and sad,
all words sweet and sour,
all writings torn and preserved,
all moments enjoyed and disliked.

My 2021 in one line would be: All appetizers, main course and desserts served at once.

Wishing all a happy new year, a new moment and a new phase in life, another reason for a new beginning and new happiness.

_Nabeeha Shaikh

The cobbler boy

I was walking in a straight line,
When suddenly my leg twisted
And my shoe broke its spine
I stumbled but my balance soon I retained,
Only my beautiful shoe had lost its design

I saw a cobbler’s shop so nearby
It’s just round the corner I thought;
but when I approached, I saw none,
So, I thought maybe he’d gone for lunch.

I waited there to mend my shoes,
When a little boy I saw rushing towards the booth:
He looked famished and his clothes were altered,
And he looked no more than just a decade old.

Yes, how may I serve you he asked,
My ears astonished and my heart dropped,
He was too a young boy just like me;
The future of the nation on that street

My shoes he mended
It cost me a sum,
But in disguise a lesson surely I had learnt.

How privileged I was, yet how ungrateful I’d been
If he could work on streets,
why couldn’t I just wash some dish?
And so I pray for him and I pray for me.

Based on true experiences.

Not much explanation or caption on this post, but I’d jus like to say, Maybe give it a thought.

Until next time! See ya πŸ™‚
_Nabeeha Sayed

Red Ink

Red Ink

Her project was incomplete, so she decided to pull an all nighter, but @2100 hours, her pen deceived her. It was the last one she’d stocked. With no other option, she decided to go to the shop down the street. This worried her friends; it was dark outside and none had ever dared to step after the sun had set. But getting suspended from school and then owning an explanation to her parents scared her more, than the darkness and the monsters that hunt for their prey in that dark.

Her friends prayed for her safety while she was gone, and made her promise to be back in 5 mins.

At 21:04, their hearts raced, she hadn’t returned yet. With the emergency number ready to dial, they waited for the longest minute to pass.

21:04:48 now, and she still hadn’t come. And as the seconds’ hand was passing from 11 to 12, a doorbell rang, and they rushed to find the creature that had left 5 mins ago, in relief they hugged.

However, one of her friends noticed that the red ink was leaking from the pen. “Nevermind” the latter replied, “I’ll manage”. And she went to her room to complete her work, with a pen dripping red ink.

Then one of the friends mentioned, “Wasn’t she needing a blue pen?, The teacher doesn’t permit the use of red ink. So why’d she get one?”

It took a minute, and then the other bent down to see and touch and then realise that the red ink was unnaturally thick and highly pigmented with a salty taste.

So what was the red ink was?
Still the main question is; how do you think it got there?
[Do lemme know in the comments below]

Creativity lurks_Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

–Nabeeha Shaikh

Chapter_02. A decision — Yes/No

Continued from Chapter 1

Now there was a Gmail tab open on my chrome browser and a read email. A link that I could click, but a decision that I’d have to make……

Growing up, it was never my dream to become a doctor, it was more like my fathers’. I on the other hand, always aspired to work in the entertainment industry. But in my teen and later teens, I lost all my enthusiasm. Lost all my desires. It wasn’t that I was no longer interested, rather it was more like a mood swing. A sudden mood swin;, something that for some reason I don’t regret. But why remember my past now?

Maybe because my future was kept in front of me, formatted as an email. All the possible outcomes of me clicking that link occurred to me in that moment. All the things that could go wrong: My system could be hacked, it could be a stupid prank, I might loose all my data………..

But I was bored, bored of overthinking. “I never save anything personal on this device, neither am I rich enough to afford and maintain a bank account”, I said and casually clicked.

Click here, to read chapter 1. A subject-less email.

A love story

Your words,
engraved on my heart
all the stories you told to me…
of destiny.

Memoirs of you,
those small postcards,
movie tickets,
And the gift,
that you gave to me.

Saying you’ll always be beside,
you left me without a bye….

Gone forever
before I could realise.

But have I told you about love,
cause it stays when you are gone

And ours is a love story
like happiness and all glory

And we’re two hearts, but one beat,
right on melody.

A random post. No idea how I wrote it or why I wrote it. Creativity flows in stress maybe, cause I’m too stressed now and supposed to be studying Tertiary Economic Activities…..

They say “soulmates can’t go on if one is gone”, then what is “life goes on”?

So bye! C ya next time πŸ™‚
Take care πŸ™‚

The three magical words

Oh why is it so difficult to say,
The three magical words for one’s grace
Is it the ego that comes in between?
Or is it something that we don’t see?

Is being vulnerable your fear?
Or is it the fear of someone near?
Does it make you sad?; my dear,
Rather then, does it make you feel inferior to your peer?

Then know it’s okay,
And you may say;
No difficulties or shame
Had a bad year?
It’s okay! you just need a little cheer

Jus say the three magical words.

What are the three magical words?
Well it is “I NEED HELP”

Romanticized in the modern generation, the three magical words are generally understood as “I LOVE YOU” that is one’s expression of love to another, which often people are afraid to say. But I don’t think it is as difficult to say as “I NEED HELP”.

Saying “I NEED HELP” is very important, especially when you are in a state where you actually need help. And the reason I believe it is so difficult for most to say is because saying these words makes one feel needy; needy of someone’s help to get back on track. And often our ego or what we say Self-respect comes in between. However none look at this with rationality. When one can ask for help for example to move heavy objects around, then why is there shame in asking help to get rid of heavy weights off your chest.

Another difficulty could be finding the right person to say this. Often people are either too close to people to tell them or too unknown. I recently had a talk about ‘my helps’ with my mom not 2 days ago and now I feel a lot better. Half of the thing is getting it out your chest. Because one can’t go on inhaling without exhaling right? So jus try saying it and things will be good.

That’s it for today! Have you been able yo say this?

Hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time πŸ™‚

The place where magic dwells

Where the darkness is consumed
And where the heart lies at rest,
No prejudice there men have
It’s a place my soul craves.

In that land, fairies dwell,
All magical seen all at once
But would I make the choice;
To leave everything behind?

All my family, here’ll stay,
Then will I be there in gay?

Yes, life here is difficult,
New rocks in between and new stops everywhere,

But, my people here I’ve got,
So maybe this time I’ll pass,
Alas! I might not get to see all the magic,
I might not be able to dance with the fairies
But I’m home with my family,
Where all magic and love never extinguishes.

This was surely a fun poem to write. Makes me wonder, that if we did have such a choice for eternal peace, would we exchange it for the life we now have? Let me know below!!

ps. My home: My utopia (Drop down your utopia)

Thanks for making it so far! Until next time, See you πŸ™‚

Diwali in someone

She was colourless and dim,
He became the deep,
Gave her light and lit her world,
Making life for her colourful like Rangoli,
Her heart exploded like crackers,
And felt beautiful geet on her ears,
It were new beginnings for her,
A happy new year.

When someone becomes your Festival, and lights your world.

Sending both Diwali and Happy New Year wishes to all. May this year bring prosperity, good health and wealth to you, your friends and family. Enjoy and smile; today and forever.

Thanks for reading, See ya next time πŸ™‚

Wishing a Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak (Happy New Year)

Some questions asked and answered :)

questions by @Devangi

What do you do when you’re alone?
Being alone, is a very special time- when happy, being alone can be very productive; when busy, being alone can be calming and peaceful and healing and so on
So some of the things I like doing when alone are:

  • Listen to songs and make up plots
  • Write or verse
  • Overthink
  • Give ted talks to myself and find inspiration
  • Watch Youtube or Instagram reels or just watch something
  • Basically whatever I wish to and don’t feel like a chore

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
There are times when looking at this person,
I feel I know a lot;
But with the blink of an eye her reflection changes,
And then I think, do I really know any at all?

So I step back from the mirror,
To try and maybe read her like a book?
But she’s been versed in a code,
I cannot understand or know.

When you asked this question, I was certain that there are many such things; Because I refuse to believe that anyone could be completely transparent. But the main thing is do we completely understand and know ourselves. Do we recognise ourselves completely, or do we just know ourselves a little more than other fellow beings?
But the answer to your question is: Most people don’t really know my future plans and or ambitions.

What book has impacted you the most and why?
Book would be Pride and Prejudice because it motivated me to write my first NOVEL. And a year later, Harry Potter got me into reading. But I’d say the most impactful work of literature for me has been the poem “Somebody’s mother” by Mary Dow Brine, because this is where the journey began.

If you could change one thing in the world with guaranteed success, what would that be?

Does life require purpose and goal (answer peotically)
Because I would not know where to shoot,
if I had no aim to take,
An arrow, Oh! how will I shoot,
If the purpose of it I didn’t knew?

How will I live,
If I know not what to strive for;
How will I serve my reason,
If I know not what it is.

ps. these are 2 different verses and not continuation

Yes, because aimless shooting is worthless, there won’t be any purpose of our life without any goals. There are goals everywhere in life from waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth to carrying out one’s responsibilities.
Also having a big goal in our life, an aim to achieve really makes our life worthwhile, and becomes the driving force why you get out of bed. I’d say to me having a goal in life is just as important a food and water. One cannot just exist but one needs to strive.

What is the best/funniest inside joke you’ve been a part of?
My father is very funny, he just keeps on cracking jokes all the time. And we memorize all his jokes. So surely it is all of them.
Other inside jokes are from my good old school days. And their code names are: “Charlie, Charlie, Are you there?”, “Ma’am came!”, “Ma’am she is having a doubt” etc.

Which are your two favorite posts from both of our sites?
From yours:
Current fav is The door of death, another one of my favs; before this was A little heart speaks

From mine:
I guess Going back into the days and Home. But Selene and The light hold a corner in my heart too.

I actually wanna know your answer to this too Devangi? What do you think?

This was a really fun journey, going through the memories stored in the back of my mind, and trying to collect answers from there.

The credit of this idea goes to none other than Devangi. This was the second one of our collab, and a very fun one I must say. If you haven’t read the first one yet, I will be leaving link to both mine and Devangi’s first posts of the collab at the end, that you can check out, in which me and Devangi both have written a bit on the inspiration images we gave to each other. And for those who don’t know Devangi, know that to me, she is in simple words what one would call “a partner”, or in Luna Lovegood’s words someone “who’s just as sane as you are”.

Do also visit Devangi’s post to dive into her answers to my questions: Random QnA

Devangi’s post from first writing challenge: Literature and Fun!
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p.s. You too can answer these questions, do lemme know ur replies and responses in the comments, would love it. Thanks for reading.

Don’t forget to check out Devangi’s blog, I’m sure you’re gonna love her beautiful words just as much as I do: Click here to visit Devangi’s blog

Until next time! See ya πŸ™‚