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“One day when I’m no more, I wish that my words would still be able to change hearts” Big fan of reading and writing. I love writing poems and I see them as a way to convey what I wish to say but in a more “woven” way; as I like to call it.

About the Blog

Writing has always been a pleasure just as much as reading. Personally for me writing is very soothing. It feels good when things you know not how to say, you can all put it out on a piece of paper and preserve it like a sweet-old memoir.
So, with the help of this site, I would like to put out all my words that I wish to say.
On this site, majority of writings shall be poems because I feel that there is some special beauty attached to them. I consider them as a “cool” way to say something, but in fashion. The themes of poems I write vary widely, but mostly things from my own personal experience or my perception of things around me : of nature and of people

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don’t ever ask for loveand never expect it in returnfor what is asked is borrowedand what is borrowed has to be…

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