The curse of imagination

For once there lived a queen,
the most beautiful the eyes had ever seen
with umber hair and ebony eyes,
with a soft touch and pretty smiles.

In the kingdom she was often the topic of the talk,
for most were bewitched by her breathtaking walk

she was a fighter, a warrior,
strong to butcher a head
and she was brilliant and clever
and smart to compose a tale

her stories and verses of princes and beasts,
of monstrosities and witches
and of all good and evil
were known everywhere by scholars and kings
and praises of her, all children would sing

Then once in the town came a maiden so fair,
with admirable beauty and raven hair
Upon her arrival, her presence was known
and soon came her invite to meet the throne

Through the court when she walked,
all eyes followed her,
and all the lips that talked,
were now quiet in her grandeur

The queen too saw,
that all her beauty was true,
but the feminist she was,
she wanted to see what this girl could do

“What lies behind those curls?
What’s there more those eyes could offer?
Is there more to that mind of yours?
Or are only your looks that you have to declare as yours?”
[asked the queen]

“Poetries and Stories,
Painting and Pottery
My mother made sure I learned them well
Swordsmanship and Archery
Were learned under my father’s charge”;
[replied she]

“Swordsmanship you say,
let’s see how well you play”

Soon a day was fixed
and a time and a place
to declare who was the better, and who the best

their fight went on, for an hour, then two,
even then no one knew, who was gonna win and who’d lose.

Still with no winner declared,
the girl stole hearts,
for no one else before her,
had dared take such a task.

Overcome with anger, and jealousy
and envy and spite,
the queen cursed the girl to suffer all her life.
she cursed her with imagination : to think of unrealities, to mess with her senses, and all the truths.


It is said that the girls ancestors still roam the earth today,
with their dreams and thoughts, all spiraled away,
You’ll see them scribbling, and walking and talking,
and their heads in a different world than in which they stay

This was a fun one to write.

This was highly inspired by overthinking and the Myth of Arachne
Here’s a link to a ted-ed video of the Tale of Arachne, Click here
And here’s a link to the Cambridge definition of overthinking, Click here (As if that was needed)

Anyways, good to be back


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