Letting Go

When once moments of joy,
become moments of despair
when quitting seems not like losing,
but rather letting go;
leave what u r holding
tight in ur hands
for once a wilful friend,
now seems like a captive being forced
it is not necessary to smile
sometimes, let the tears roll
it’s time to let it go.

At times as friendships and relations mature, their bonds grow old and retire, it is human nature and our instinct at these times that tell us it is our responsibility to hold tight onto these bonds and mend them, it is a desperate attempt that we give to preserve what was once treasured out of our fear of losing what once we cherished.

However these futile attempts might leave us more miserable at times.
When letting go, we do not only allow someone to leave but also make space in our mind. Letting go is not letting go the friendships that was cherished, it’s not losing the treasures or the memories preserved, it is only walking ahead with them.

Thanks for reading, bye

7 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. As always incredible poem with a brilliant message. I totally agree that some bonds need to wear away, because holding onto them may only feel like a burden…

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  2. And my fav writer has returned with another masterpiece of hers! Ngl, I rlly rlly missed your poems pr any write-ups. I’m happy that you finally posted smthng. And as alwys, your poem conveys the truth. It’s better to just let go of a person rather than forcing him/her to be by your side. Maybe, it was never meant to be.

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