The cobbler boy

I was walking in a straight line,
When suddenly my leg twisted
And my shoe broke its spine
I stumbled but my balance soon I retained,
Only my beautiful shoe had lost its design

I saw a cobbler’s shop so nearby
It’s just round the corner I thought;
but when I approached, I saw none,
So, I thought maybe he’d gone for lunch.

I waited there to mend my shoes,
When a little boy I saw rushing towards the booth:
He looked famished and his clothes were altered,
And he looked no more than just a decade old.

Yes, how may I serve you he asked,
My ears astonished and my heart dropped,
He was too a young boy just like me;
The future of the nation on that street

My shoes he mended
It cost me a sum,
But in disguise a lesson surely I had learnt.

How privileged I was, yet how ungrateful I’d been
If he could work on streets,
why couldn’t I just wash some dish?
And so I pray for him and I pray for me.

Based on true experiences.

Not much explanation or caption on this post, but I’d jus like to say, Maybe give it a thought.

Until next time! See ya 🙂
_Nabeeha Sayed

4 thoughts on “The cobbler boy”

  1. Once again well written! You’ve surely portrayed the thoughts that cross every individuals’ mind at least once in a lifetime. Even I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have such a valuable life, time and again. #bestauthor #bestpoetess

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    1. Yes, I agree, we all go thru that phase but often later get so caught up with our own lifes and our own situations that these encounters slide our mind, but i think the least we must do is be grateful and be thankful…….Glad you liked it and thanks for such an early response, ☺️☺️


  2. Exactly! That’s the least we could do. And no need of thanking me. When did we get so formal, huh? I’m alwys late for your posts. I’m happy I read it earlier this time. Fighting!

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  3. I had a similar thought the other day when I was going shopping. And I must say, at many a times, we forget the privileges we have. It’s also human nature to wish and desire for more things, but we can also look at those who don’t have the same benefits as us and be thankful for the privileges we have rather than lamenting about things we don’t! Once again, a beautiful poem.😋

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