Are you ready to face?

Have you always done right?
Or is there something to confess tonight?
Can you sleep peacefully?
Or does a thought bother you mercilessly?

Is there still something to tell?
Or has all been said?
Are you ready to face?
What you have done?
Or do you leave it all on fate?

Would your heart feel light,
if a weight gets lifted?
Or are you free of all worries?
And if you are,
Are you ready to face?

The consequences and confrontations,
Do they scare you equally as much?
Or are you brave to face your fate?
To accept what has been done,
And try to change so that you’ll be able to face.

Hey, this poem, well call it an apology, a confession, a thought, a confrontation or whatever suits.

In life, we’ve all done things that we weren’t supposed to. and no!, by this i don’t mean any big things. It could be small mistakes or small actions that we don’t even consider as mistakes. I’ve personally done things as such. But have gotten this thought only recently:

If it’s not a mistake, then am I ready to face it?

And for some reason my ‘Yes’ did stutter, and I knew the answer. So this going out as an apology letter to my parents as well as a thought to you, whosoever reads, “Have you done anything that you are not ready to face?”

Also, I sincerely wish you, All the best, so that one day you’ll be able to face. This can only be done by changing your ways, so that you’ll be able to face your fate.

Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂 Until next time when my brain questions me!

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