Home II

Enroute late night
And I am lost;
But in the darkness
I see a way

Oh yes it was fun,
But now it’s time
For me to be back
And on my way

So I am now heading the way,
I only knew at the time
To go to the place
I call my home

It is my destiny and my refugee,
It is my heaven and my dwelling
It’s where I go back to when I am lost

Now I am tired
And I wanna mend
All of that’s
Broken inside of me
And I just wanna go to the place I call my home

I know it’s a bit small
But it’s big enough
Maybe a bit messy
But that’s okay

I’ve been to places,
And beautiful and grand palaces
I’ve been to hotels
As well as stayed in motels

But none fit quite as right
As right as my own sweet home
It doesn’t have the best smell,
But has a quite comforting fragrance

I can see the paint come off
And I can see the naked walls
Yes the curtains are a bit crusty
And the door handles have been rusty

It now feels like a piece,
A unique artist’s piece

Now I’m becoming restless
Maybe I just need some rest.

Just now swerved to right,
And I can see some street lights
Now I feel like running away
But I just wanna run along
to my destiny;
to My home.

Yet another poem on home, because Home indeed is a most special place.

This is yet another one of my favourites, because this poem has my thoughts and words, just as they flowed in my mind, not much edited, but still beautiful. It’s good to express things sometimes without any alterations especially when about such a thing as the HOME’.

Hope you enjoyed it! See ya soon 🙂

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