Inside of me

Inside of me:

There are things that I’d like to say
And things that I’d like to express;
But I don’t see a way
And so I simply supress

I have freedom of speech
But is my voice being heard?
I feel all words fall out of reach
And nothing comforts my fears.

I feel like starting a war,
But I am not even at peace with myself
I feel I am being misunderstood
But even I, myself am unable to comprehend

Too many things and too many thoughts
So many that now it’s only chaos
Which shall I say first;
And which shall I believe to be true?

My questions unanswered,
They get supressed inside of me
And I carry them every morning
I carry them forever on me.

According to Wikipedia, an internal conflict is the struggle occurring within a character’s mind.

In life we all are fighting our own battles, but there are some battles we are afraid to speak of, because of the fear of being called a coward or simply because we feel that no one around will understand us. So what do we do? We simply ‘supress’ these emotions, thoughts, questions and many more, which we all know that one day will surely overflow.

I’ve written this short poem inspired by such an incident. But I am certain that we all must’ve felt this way at some point in life and it’s okay. We’re humans and we make mistakes and wrong judgements- no shame. Just accept and express them and all will be okay. Find answers to your unanswered questions but not on google rather in the conversation of another fellow being. It could be anyone: your family, friends, teachers, well-wishers, comrades. But speak and get them answered. Express and be heard. Be a phoenix and rise from the ashes. Rise from the mistakes of your past self to shine in your present one.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time 🙂

11 thoughts on “Inside of me”

      1. Moon disappears every 30 days. You’re my shining star, shining constantly through my hopeless night. Capable of keeping me warm and hopeful✨

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