Lockdown lessons

Hey there everyone!

Reading the title, you must’ve already guessed today’s topic; yes, it’s “Lockdown Lessons”. So by now we’ve all been in lockdown for quite sometime……actually quite a long time to be honest. So let’s see what this episode has taught us.

I’d say the first thing that most of us learnt from lockdown was the word meaning of the word “lockdown” itself and “quarantine”. And be it whatever age we all used these words extensively especially in the initial times to enhance our vocabulary and to sound learned.

And it’s not only english that we’ve learnt, besides english, we also learnt a lot in science especially biology. We’ve learnt what viruses are, what vaccines are and how do they work, we’ve learnt about our immunity system and we’ve also learnt about the ‘chemical composition of a hand sanitizer’ and what not.

Other than these, I’m sure we all have tried acquiring some new skill or talent during the lockdown be it cooking, cleaning, washing utensils etc.

I personally had started learning calligraphy and knitting but then there were just too many dishes to wash in the house so I kinda fell out of practise.

Okay so now let’s take a look at some really important life lessons that lockdown has taught us.
And when I think about this, the first thing that comes to my mind is “THE UNCERTAINITY OF LIFE”. This lockdown has taught us really how uncertain life is : A person is there this moment, doesn’t know what’s gonna happen in the next one.
And no! I don’t mean this in a negative way.

It’s human mind’s nature to make plans for the future and whilst I think think that creating a secure future is an intelligent move, I’d say that along this we must also learn to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.
And no, by living in the moment, I don’t mean to go on that travelling trip that you’ve been always wanting to go on or do every challenging thing that you’ve been wanting to do- NO!

By living in the moment, I mean to CHERISH THE MOMENT and BEING GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL for it

  • Being thankful for waking up today
  • Being thankful that you have food on your plate
  • Being thankful for being around the people you love
  • Being thankful that you are healthy and safe and for everything else

So that is another lesson lockdown has taught us : Being in the moment and cherishing it, by being grateful and thankful and spending it with your loved ones; your family and friends, your near and dear. Especially with your elders and taking good care of them. Do something simple everyday so that you can bring a smile on their face and I’m sure you’ll thank me later

So that’s it for the day. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day ahead. Get vaccinated if you can. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay Blessed

Until next time!

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