A beautiful soul

She is who she is,
It isn’t something she chose to be
But she’s carrying it out so well
Better than most of me

She is often judged
And often she is labelled
“Nutcase”, “psychopath” & “retarded”
“Ill” and “deranged” and “mad”

They like to call her nicknames
And avoid her at every lane
All remember to bully and harass her
But never does one befriend her

They think she’s insane and a lunatic
But she definitely has got a gift
Her memory it is that astonishes me
As to how can one comprehend so many

She remembers my birthdate always
And wishes me before my fellow comrades
And when she speaks so much innocence flows
Oh what a pure heart and what a pretty soul

Often so ignored she is,
And they talk behind her back so much shit
But she’ll always reproach with a smile
And spread out arms in welcome and warmth

It is not her that’s “bad”
But, people’s mind that’s “corrupted”
Their minds that have now become brains
With so much cunning and so much games

But she still is the same
Like a new born baby
So soft and innocent
She doesn’t see their guile
She doesn’t recognise their plan

And when I first joined,
Everyone was so kind,
to let me know:
“Avoid her and ignore her”
“She’s crazy, and she’s stupid”
“And you definitely don’t wanna be seen with her”

And for some time I did so as i was told
Cause I didn’t wanna be ignored
And becoming an outcast was my fear
And I really wanted to try and “fit”

So, I really did my best
To avoid and to ignore her,
Until one day she walked up to me
With open arms and beautiful smile
And in a sweet tone she said to me
“Hi, I’m Ava! and it’s nice to meet”
It was then when my heart fell
And I felt disgust in my vein
As to how could I have been so deranged
As to how could I be so feared
As to how I couldn’t tell
What could an innocent soul so pure
Do to my pitiful self?

And since then to make up,
For the guilt I felt inside of me
I tried the very best of me
To greet her at every meet

Now years later, when puberty has hit
And maturity has striked
I have now realised
That deranged I was more than her
To have come under the influence of peers

So, now I remember and pray
And I hope that she’s doing well
They then made her an outcast
But little did they know,
they were only making her standout

I also now pray for the world,
I pray for the humanity more than her,
I pray humanity to be more like her
Innocent and pure and beautiful just as her

When did we learn so to judge
When did our minds get so corrupt
When did we feel prejudiced over our conditions
Something we have no control on?

I hope that as we have developed
So will our thinking and our thoughts
And one day the world shall be
All prejudice free.

This poem is from one of my personal experiences at school. By reading it, you must’ve pretty much understood what it deals with. And it’s not really required for me to say more.

Still, I wish to address this issue:
In different ages of my life, I have come across people who are “Special” and no, I am not just calling them special because they’re different, rather because they really are special and very beautiful indeed. But often we take this ‘speciality’ of theirs as a joke, why? because that’s not “NORMAL!” and to fit in well, YOU HAVE TO BE NORMAL, nothing more-nothing less.
Like in this case, this person was perfect, the only thing she didn’t have was the “cunningness”, she wasn’t “wordly”, it wasn’t that she wasn’t smart or intelligent. As a matter of fact, she always scored the top rank in her grade and always won sorts of GK competitions. And as mentioned her speciality was her memory, and no, I am not exaggerating when I say this person not only remembered most of the school’s birthdays but also of their families.

She was a humble and honest soul, with the soft voice like an angel and a peaceful smile she’d always wear. But something that hurt me the most, was how “they” treated her.

Hope you enjoyed reading! See ya next time 🙂

4 thoughts on “A beautiful soul”

  1. This poem also aptly describes the character of Luna Lovegood frm Hp! Besides, I’m pretty sure your friend will be vry well radiating her happy and angelic vibes wherever she is! May God bless her!✨

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