He writes in her memory

It’s been days,
Since last my eyes lay
On the beautiful sight
Of her face

I remember the times I spent with her,
I miss her laugh and I miss her mirth

I miss her now more than ever,
In the harsh winter and cold weather

I hold a picture,of hers, in hands of mine
That I always keep close to my heart, tight

Sometimes, tears roll down my eyes
When I become desperate to see her sight;
To talk to her and hug her tight
And to let her know I will always be right beside.

I pray for her every day and I pray for her every night
But not in a church, temple or mosque
Rather in the heart of mine
Which is filled with love for her all-time

I pray and hope that she’s doing well
I pray that she behaves good
I pray that she doesn’t trouble more
And I pray that she knows,
I will always love her more and more.

Even though it’s difficult to say,
I hope that one day, when I’ll return
I’ll be able to hug her tight
And not just a picture of hers,
In hands of mine
And will be able to stare into
her dark beautiful eyes
And to let her know,
That I’ll always love her more and more

One day when I shall return
I hope she still recognises my sight
I hope that when I return,
I’ll be able to wish her ‘Good Night!’

One day, maybe when I’ll return
She would’ve turned into a lady, very wise
A good human : gentle and nice
And a generous heart with a strong mind.

Still far away I love her smiles
And miss her more every day and night
And I pray for her everytime;
In the generous heart of mine

Hey there! I have written this poem as a tribute to our brave heroes. I have written it from the point of view of a soldier and a father, who on duty serving his country misses his dearest daughter and just has a little wish : to be able to see her daughter one day.

Growing up, there were times when my father lived away from us for work and I would see him once in months. Even though we talked to him frequently, a part of me missed him greatly.

So in regards to this, I can only merely imagine the desire to be home and to be with family that soldiers feel; just like our soldier in this poem.

In today’s world of wars, there maybe soldiers alike, who are away from their little girls and boys and parents and wives and husbands, just wanting to return home, only to see the sight of their beloved ones.

So, a BIG SALUTE TO ALL OUR HEROES! for all that they have been doing : for their sacrifices so that other fathers can be safe with their little daughters. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this poem 🙂 See you next week!

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