My Solitude

When they meet me,
They say I live reclusively
Do they forget?
It was them that made me to

Every time I’d come along,
You preferred for me to be aside
And when u left me on myself;
My solitary was my refugee

And no! I’m not “shut away”
Neither am I “anti-social”
Nor an “introvert”
Not even “withdrawn” or perhaps “cloistered”

But now,
Is there anything to complain?
I like my space,
I like my solitary life

But not that I’m not a “company-lover”
I am more “convivial” and “jovial”
More like “gregarious”
And “sociable” and “extroverted”

But did I have a full chance to be?
I learned that,
To be in a company, being a company-lover was not sufficient,
The company too must be acceptable towards you

And since the years;
I’ve tried Ways of Google and Ways of Communication
But alas! I’ve always found meself back alone

And for years I did think,
That the fault was all mine
That I was not enough good,
Not enough acceptable,
Not enough gregarious
And so I was left.

But its been time now,
Since I’ve stopped blaming myself
For the ways that others treat me
And I am really okay with it

Yes sometimes I may feel alone or a bit bored perhaps
But I always have myself with me
And I am happy this way too
I have found pleasure in the times I spent with myself.

But that doesn’t mean that I have stopped being an extrovert
Or have coiled myself in
I still go out and meet people
Because maybe one day I might find,
The one I was meant to:
Another one just like me.

My Solitude is a poem, very close to my heart. I was inspired to write this by an incident and many more such former incidents in life, when I was left aside.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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