Book in one hand,
Tea in the other,
Hair in the open
And what could be better

I don’t want a tele
Could do well without it;
Don’t need makeup
A bookmark would suffice.

Wouldn’t mind trading
A mansion so big,
With a library full of books
And a kettle full of tea

I would prefer over all luxuries,
The smell of parchment
And candle drippings

Yes, I’d prefer to be a nerd
Than a player;
I’d Rather be a “know it all”
Than the “class cheer”

I’d rather be on my own
And write in a journal
Than be with a group
And be “social”

I still listen to the radio,
And binge-watch in all black & white
And listen to all the classics
And read ‘Pride and Prejudice’

I prefer spending time with meself
But not because I hate to be with you
Rather because I have fallen too much in love with myself

I too have friends so many,
Some brave and strong
And some broken and timid
I have friends with me,
My book pals, ever so dreamy

They say I am becoming “anti-social”,
They say fictional characters aren’t real
Oh they are yes so real, my dear
Only if you knew the magic a book holds

Yes, talking and chitting and chatting might seem fun
But it’s really nothing when compared
To The feel of a roller pen scrape through brown parchment
And the feel of ink being absorbed into the page

I know,
Very well I do know,
That for some I might seem boring and dull
But they haven’t seen the magic that beholds
Maybe you too should once try
To dwell into a book sometime
And I am certain that then you will say
“Oh, I wish I was early at this place”.

Books to me have been magical. Whenever I feel bored or lost, I like to take a book and find myself in it. That is mainly what I wish to express with this poem

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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