Being Real

Yeah, no, deep down we both know:
Who played it well and who played it fair
Deep down you too know that I deserved it more
But guess the flattery was more ornamental than the truth.

It’s said flattery is easy, but always bad
And that the truth is always hard but always good
Then why did the flattery conquer over the truth?
Why was the flattery more praised than the truth?

I’m not complaining, but just sad,
Sad as to why, I wasn’t praised
Sad as to why, my efforts didn’t pay
Sad as to why, I was unnoticed.

So, I feel tempted now to change my ways
I feel why to work hard and why to be true,
When flattery can always pave a way
When a battle can be won more easily.

Cause I don’t think it’s that difficult,
And I think that I too could pose
What I am not
And I too could play along

But, then will I be satisfied?
Will I feel worthy?
Of all that I’ll win
And all that I’ll conquer

Will that victory really be mine?
Or will it just be of the mask that I’d put on?
Will I even be “me” anymore?
Or will I just become one of the many characters?

NO! I’ve come to terms with myself
And I don’t wanna be someone else,
I don’t wanna put on a happy face
and I don’t wanna get all that with a play.

But, I still do wanna win;
But I wanna win my own victory
I wanna be worthy of it
And I wanna be deserving of it

I’ve realised the true beauty in being real
The beauty that cannot be faked,
And I’d rather be crumpled and dry
Than be a fake flower and bloom for all of eternity.

Life isn’t always fair, but that doesn’t give you a reason to be unfair.

We may come across many such situations in life, where life will be unfair to us, where even after putting in our best efforts, we might lose. In this case, lose to “flattery” or “falsehood”. But always remember even though the artificial diamond might seem more shining and appealing to the eye, it will never be real or valued.

You don’t have to mend your ways to win, you have to win on your own terms and be ‘the beauty’. The beauty of being you and the beauty of being true.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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